Mercedes PRO connect | Digital Driver's Log

Digital Driver's Log.

Save the time spent keeping a journey log.

Compatible with: Sprinter 907, Sprinter 910 as well as the following applications:

  • Fleet Management Tool
  • Mercedes PRO connect App
  • MBUX multimedia system
  • All tax-relevant data available in PDF format

  • Digitised recording of all journeys

  • Simpler working processes

Product description.

No need to fill in driver's logbooks by hand any more: with the "Digital Driver's Log"2 from Mercedes PRO connect you can benefit from the clear representation of all journeys made by your vehicles and will receive a signed PDF document for your tax returns1 at the push of a button.

Included services

Digital Trip Management

Journey recording made easy: the Mercedes PRO connect "Digital Trip Management" service records all trips automatically.2 Thus it is easy to keep track of vehicle use. As the location, date and time as well as kilometre reading at the start and end of the journey are recorded, the vehicle utilisation as well as journey distance and duration can be very easily determined. Thanks to driver assignment via the Mercedes PRO connect App4, the fleet manager can also always see which driver has carried out the journeys.    

The driver4 is able to enter the purpose of the tour3 and any notes in the Mercedes PRO connect App4, and categorise the journey as a business or private journey.

The key advantages at a glance:
  • Central overview of all journeys in the Vehicle Management Tool
  • Optimised use of the vehicle fleet, thanks to the data generated by journey recording
  • Saves time, as the journeys are recorded digitally and need not be logged by hand
  • Rapid processing of the journey list on a smartphone2
Digital Driver's Log

Signed PDF for the tax declaration1

Thanks to the "Digital Driver's Log"2, journey logs on paper are unnecessary in future. Even the tedious obligation of the driver to record every journey by hand is no longer applicable. When a tax declaration1 is due, the fleet manager can simply generate a signed PDF file. This documents private and business journeys3 clearly and legibly. 

The key advantages at a glance:
  • All tax-related data as a signed PDF at the touch of a button
  • Easier working procedures, as tedious and error-prone manual entries in a journey log are no longer necessary

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If you wish to use the "Digital Driver's Log" for your tax documentation, you should be sure to verify in advance whether the form and the information provided meets the fiscal requirements of your local tax authority.


For vehicles with the "Continuous engine operation" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions with the "Digital Trip Management" and "Digital Driver's Log" services. With the continuous engine operation feature active, only one journey is detected.


Depending on the market, the driver has three categories in which to put the journeys: a business journey, a private journey or a journey to or from work.


The Mercedes PRO connect App must not be used while the vehicle is on the move. Otherwise there is a risk of being distracted from the traffic and the driver or other road users being endangered. Please also observe the legal requirements of the country in which you are currently located.